Thursday, July 31, 2014

7/31/14 Kelly Pesta

Today was another slow day. This morning I cleaned the GC vials from my extractions and cleaned the contained we put the GSR samples from last night in so there was no GSR transferred from the outside of the container to anything else we touch. After that  I worked on my paper and poster the rest of the morning and continued working on it after lunch. When Leah came in at about 4:00 we got my first sample (revolver 1) and took it down to the SEM to start scanning it over night so I can look at the results tomorrow. Leah should be in tomorrow afternoon so I'll be able to start to look at the results. We're going to run another sample tomorrow night and Leah is going to run a couple more of my samples over the weekend so I can at least start adding some of the results to my paper and poster so I'm finished by Thursday. Monday I have to run my samples on the SEM on my own because Leah won't be in. But hopefully by Wednesday we'll have all my samples ran through the SEM and we can extract them Wednesday and put them in the LC/MS and get results Thursday morning and add the last minute results to both my poster and paper so my poster will be finished by Friday. I'm running out of time so I'm hoping our plans work out. Wish me luck.

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