Friday, July 18, 2014

7/18/14 Kelly Pesta

Today was another day of nothing. This morning we had our SEED meeting again. All the presentations were great and are improving. After that I went to the computer lab and I waited until it was time fore lunch. After lunch we went to a seminar speaker that lasted about an hour. After that I was planning on Leah being here so we can finally run my samples and add the results to my power point so I can practice my presentation at our meeting on Monday, but no one in my lab showed up and the lab was closed so I didn't even have the opportunity to go into my lab today. I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to run my samples, but I sure hope I'll have enough time to run them, get results, and add them on my power point with time to present at least one time before the symposium, but I don't know. Hopefully I have time to finish everything.

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