Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7-22-14 Summary

        Today was a lot of running around.  In the morning, I put the nickel coupons that didn't work in my container full of used coupons.  I then did another 1 hour deposition on 3 nickel coupons.  After lunch, we got our construction papers for the symposium.  I didn't get the color that I wanted because there wasn't enough, but I'm okay with the color that I got.  I also changed everything that my secondary told me to do on my power point.  I then sent it to my mentor to check.  She had me change a lot of things.  After all of that, I resent my mentor the power point with all of the changes that I made.  Now, I have to wait until she tells that everything on it is okay.  I also have to present tomorrow, but I think it will go pretty fast due to going over my power point so many times.  

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