Friday, July 18, 2014

7-18-14 Summary

        I wasn't here yesterday so I had to do what I was supposed to do today.  In the morning, I went over my power point with the other SEED student.  They said that I did a good job and I'm getting better at talking louder.  After that meeting, I worked on my blog challenge.  I got done with the pictures and captions but I still didn't finish with the interview.  There was also a speaker today that we went to.  After we came back from that, I had plenty to do.  First, I ran my cobalt and nickel coupons through the IR.  It took some time because the scans are a little over 4 minutes long and I had 6 of the coupons to scan.  I then sonicated the cobalt coupons in hydrochloric acid and the nickel coupons in tetrahydrofuran.  Also, I ran more coupons through the IR.  This time is was 50% ODPA with 50% ODCA on Ti and 50% ODPA with 50% ODCA on TiALV.  I ran all six of the coupons and put them back in the oven.

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