Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, Summary

     I finally my beamer today and fixed all the mistakes from last time.  However, it's still not perfect, but luckily completed my abstract and made a copy for my mentor to read it.  Making the beamer as nice as I can took a while and can't wait to present it to my lab group tomorrow.  Probably will have to make some changes again after presenting it but that will just make it better.  I even took some notes on how to make an abstract and presentation during the seminar we had today.  After that I met up with Scott and my mentor to talk about the files I were running over the weekend.  Apparently there was another error when it was trying to run step 5 files.  The error that came up were the same as the one when my mentor tried to use CHARMM and I found out that they just skipped that step because it was causing too many problems.  In my case I will have to work on it tomorrow because Scott was really busy trying to fix those CHARMM files.

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