Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 3, Summary

     I finally finished my blog challenge, which didn't really take that long since I started it yesterday.  So I worked on my presentation again but didn't have much time because of the SEED meeting at 10:00.  There I watched how the other SEED students progress on their project and realized that I'm a bit behind from everyone.  After the meeting I had about a half an hour to work on my presentation, but then I to go to my second meeting at 12:00 to watch the undergraduate students present.  When I came back, Scott helped me run all my files again on a different computer because there was another error when I ran it on the other computer.  It took a while to run them again because we had some issues be we finally got it running after an hour.  It was a typical Thursday with all the constant meetings, and unfortunately little progress was made on my presentation.  At least most of my files will be running over the weekend and will be finish by then... of course if nothing goes wrong again.

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