Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 11/12 Amber Latona BLOG

Well yesterday, I came in and my finger was really bothering me. I noticed it getting swollen on Friday, but I let it go. As Saturday and Sunday went on, it progressed and became worse. So, yesterday morning when I came in, I showed Shakasia and we both made a disgusted face. LOL! Mr. Larry did the same when I showed him! It didn't look so good, so I decided I should go to the ER.
Shakasia came with me and I really appreciated that because she is a good friend.
Let me start off by saying that Mercy Hospital is an excellent facility! I think I was so pleased with the hospital because they were MUCH faster than Jefferson Hospital! They took me in right away, were very nice, and knew what they were talking about!
The doctor told me my finger was most likely infected from biting my nails...KARMA, I need to stop biting my nails!
He told me he could numb my finger first, but I HATE needles, so he used a cream to numb my finger. Afterwards, everything was much better! My finger was wrapped, and it is much better today.
I look so silly walking around with a big wrap on my middle finger!!
I was so exhausted after that, I hate hospitals because of my anxiety. But, I want to say thanks again to Shakasia for being there for me yesterday!

Today, I was soo tired. I had a movie night with my work last night (Kennywood Park). Everyone went. I had such a good time, but the movie didn't start until 11:30 PM because we had to wait for the park to close so everyone had enough time to get there.
I woke up and was so tired, but my finger is still a bit uncomfortable because it is in the healing process.
I gathered and thought about the questions I will be asking for my blog challenge and I'm excited for this one!
Tomorrow I am going to make more samples for my project and start on my power point.

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