Tuesday, July 1, 2014

7.01.14 Cheyenne Simmons

         Well today I began rinsing my reactions. I had to wait overnight for them to settle. This morning I came into the lab and began rinsing them. First I had to take the water we first used to fill the autoclaves with out. Then the vials were filled half way up again with HCl and sonicated for a couple minutes until everything was mix well. Once it settled again we then rinsed it so far once with methanol but we want to keep rinsing until the liquid has no color. After an hour or so of waiting kim came over to me and was showing me and Ashley how to make a plot. She described it as you have one data graph thats equal to say 1032 then another graph thats equal to 32 and 1032 is way heigher then 32. She described the process as trying to measure an elephants leg to a mouses leg with a twelve inch ruler. Sounds kinda crazy doesnt it. Well the shorter way of trying to describe it would be scaling the both graphs to the same height of one. Then there was this equation used C2=C1/max peak. Then after all of that i went and piped out the excess Methonal form four of the vials, then they were set out to dry over night. Then the other four had to be rinsed one last time.

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