Thursday, July 3, 2014


     Sara Dille is my secondary mentor. I interviewed her for this challenge. The 10 questions I asked her are listed below, some information was obtained before the interview when we were meeting and talking for the past few weeks.

  1. How many schools did you apply for?
  2. Was chemistry your first major?
  3. What fueled you to do research?
  4. What do you plan on doing with your degree after you graduate?
  5. Would you like to stay in Pittsburgh?
  6. Would you recommend science majors to undecided high school students?
  7. How much longer do you have in grad-school?
  8. Did you study at Duquesne as an undergrad?
  9. Do you have any other certificates/degrees?
  10. What are you currently working on?
Sara Dille Biography

     Sara is currently 26 years old, studying for her PhD in chemistry. When she first started looking at schools she applied to 8-10. She wanted to stay close to home at first. Her major when she started school was not chemistry. She started as a biology major and wanted to work in a zoo. As an undergraduate she studied in West Virginia at Wheeling Jesuit University. There she graduated with her Bachelor degree of science. After grad school she lived in Indiana(the state) for 3 years. While in Indiana she obtained her Masters of Science in Environment with specification in environment and toxicology from Bloom University.
     Sara came to Duquesne to study for her PhD in Chemistry a year and a half ago. Her research project title is Synthesis of asymmetric mono oxo molybdenum complexes containing dithiolene units. She started doing research her junior year. Her advisor from grad-school told her it would be a good experience and it was partially required for her degree Sara has approximately 4 more years until she completes her PhD requirements. 
     After she graduates, Sara is considering teaching at a small university but is undecided for sure. She said she would enjoy staying in Pittsburgh but would be okay with an adventure out of the area. She also said she would recommend science majors to high school students but warns it is a lot of work and you must be dedicated. You should also enjoy science or you probably will not have a good time. 

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