Thursday, July 3, 2014

Blog Challenge #2 Amber Latona


1. One word to describe yourself?
2. How many times have you changed your future plans/career choice?
3. Did you ever see yourself becoming a grad student?
4. Why Duquesne?
5. Why Chemistry?
6. Describe a time when you felt like you wanted to give up or quit, and how you overcame it.
7. What keeps you motivated?
8. Favorite thing about grad school?
9. Least favorite?
10. What are your long term goals within the next five years?   

Kim Rosmus Biography  
     Kim Rosmus is a 27 year old Graduate student here at Duquesne University. She has come a LONG way in order to get to where she is today. She has had the strength and dignity to overcome all of the obstacles that she has faced in the past. Kim went to Forest Hills High School in Johnstown, PA. She went to St. Francis University located in Loretto, PA for college/undergraduate school. From there on, she decided to attend Duquesne University. Kim would describe herself as a very enthusiastic person. She is enthusiastic when she is mad...she is enthusiastic when she is sad...she is enthusiastic when she is happy...yeah, well you get it.
     Kim has in fact changed her mind about her career 13 times! She has wanted to pursue a career in just about everything. From Art, to teaching, to social work and finally to science. Kim never saw herself becoming a grad student. She never even knew it existed until after awhile. She chose Duquesne for numerous reasons. The first reason being that the Graduate School here is small. Kim wanted to go to a smaller school where she wouldn't just be a number...she would be able to be known. She also chose Duquesne because it is a close distance to where she lives. She wanted to stay local. Her explanation to why she chose chemistry as her career is extremely logical and interesting. Her reply to this was, "I chose chemistry because it is a subject that you just can't have to think through it, and I like that whole aspect." 

     There were many times in Kim's life where she felt like she was alone and wanted to quit. A specific time that emphasizes this was about two years ago. Her research was not working and she felt like she could not do anything right. She was very close to just giving up and leaving with her Masters Degree. However, she decided to stay because she knew it would be alright in the end. She did not want to quit and she had the best support system that kept her motivated. What keeps her motivated now? CATS....
     No, just kidding. what really keeps her motivated is her future. Not only does she like what she does, but she knows and has faith that this career will help her future children have awesome lives! Kim's favorite thing about Grad School is being a mentor. She loves being the "Mom" on the Chemistry floor. Her least favorite thing about Grad School is writing. She does not see herself as a strong writer.
    Kim's long term goals (within the next five years) include graduating in August and HAVING BABIES! :)    



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