Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blog Challenge #2 : Shakasia Pierce

Well this weeks blog challenge we had to interview one of the graduate students . Which was pretty fun because I've gotten to interview two people . One who was my mentor and the other was an international student . It was so fun/funny because Abigail , my mentor , she was so blunt with her answers and she's just the funniest person ever .

    Abigail Cohen is that person I interviewed and she is 26 years old . She has a certification in nano fabrication . She also said , " I like bugs , too . " She has a black belt Ta Kwan Do . Also loves nature . She does a little with photography , she takes pictures of bugs and comes one with nature . Also attended and graduated from Susquenita High School on  the day of 06-06-06. Lastly , she is somewhat named after grandfather and also has two younger siblings.

Q:  What Undergraduate college/university did you attend ? 

http://www.chemistryland.com/ChemEdArticle/Chemistry&SocietyFlyercrop.jpg       A:  Ursinus College

Q: Where are you from ? 

       A: Harrisburg , PA
Q: What was your major in Undergraduate College/University ?

       A: Chemistry , Biochemistry . (Double majored)

Q: What made  you choose Duquesne University as your graduate school ? 

       A: It wasn't my first choice . I applied here and didn't hear from them until I was already in another graduate school . I dropped out of that school and re-applied to Duquesne University and transferred here.

Q: What are you majoring here at Duquesne University ?

      A: Chemistry

Q: How did you come to the conclusion that you wanted to do this (chemistry) for the rest of your life ?

      A: I got tired w/ retail and couldn't find any job with just my Bachelors degree in chemistry .

Q: What jobs did you consider working after getting your degree ?

      A: The industry

Q: How many years do you have left of graduate school ?

      A: 4/5 years

Q: It comes to my understanding that you have to write a final paper (dilatation) before graduating . Is it stressful ?

     A: yes very stressful , hopefully by that point I'll have all my data that I need

Q: Do you enjoy your time here and why ?

     A: Yeah I like being in Pittsburgh it's a fun city . Harrisburg is pretty boring , and Bethlehem is a " shit hole " .

I did a second interview on a international student for fun but only asked him 6 questions because he really didn't understand what I was saying but it was fun to learn new things from someone from a different country

The person I interviewed name is Sergei and he's from  the Ukraine and that's all he would tell me because he's very private.

Q: Where are you from ? 

       A: Ukraine

Q: What Undergraduate School did you attend , better yet what school did you go to before coming here ? 

       A: Ukraine State Chemical Engineer Institute

Q: What did you major in ? 
      A: Chemistry

Q: For your graduate school , Why did you choose to come to the U.S (Duquesne University)

      A: To try stuff in the U.S , and to see what it looks like

Q: How long have you been here ? 

     A: 10 months

After that he left , I think he was tired of all the questions lol.

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