Tuesday, July 1, 2014

7-1-14 Summary

        Today, I did many things.  In the morning, I had a meeting with Dr. Gawalt since it's Tuesday.  We talked about what I did last week and what I was going to try to accomplish this week.  I told her about my abstract and she said that my secondary will help me with it when she gets back next week.  After the meeting, I ended up working in my workbook because I was scheduled to use the IR in the afternoon. 

        I finally picked a graduate to interview for the second blog challenge.  She doesn't work in my lab but she works in DR. Basu's lab.  I asked her the questions that I wrote down and she answered all of them.  With all of the information that I had, I decided to start typing my biography.  I am currently half way done with the second blog challenge. 

      When it was time for me to use the IR, I was way past ready for it.  Out of the 3 samples that I had, only 2 of the cobalt pieces survived through the rinse in hydrochloric acid.  I know this because when I scanned my pieces, it showed that the monolayers of 2 of my samples were stable while one was not stable.  I then had to sonicate them in THF.  Since one of my cobalt pieces' monolayer did not stay, I just put it away in the container of used pieces.  I then sonicated the other 2 for 15 minutes.  After the sonication, I put them back into the oven for over night.

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