Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Abstract 1 Cheyeanne Perez

I wasn't entirely sure if we had to post it on here, but I will anyways.

Probing Serotonin Transporter (SERT) Structure by Mutagenesis
Perez, Cheyeanne; Perez, Elizabeth; Veeramachaneni, Rathna; Cascio, Michael
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,
Duquesne University

Plasmids may be used for the introduction of recombinant DNA into a bacteria cell. Since plasmids replicate with bacteria cells they can be amplified. Initially a transformation using the plasmids pUC 18 and pWhitescript was performed, followed by a miniprep and maxiprep. The transformation was used to introduce the plasmid into bacteria cells. The mini prep was then performed to extract and purify the recombinant DNA to confirm successful transformation. Then a maxiprep was preformed to increase the quantity of the recombinant plasmid. The familiarity with the methods of transformation, miniprep/maxiprep allow for further work with a plasmid containing the sequence of the rat serotonin transporter (rSERT) to introduce point mutations that will allow for later structural studies of the rSERT protein in the future.

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