Thursday, July 3, 2014

7-3-14 Summary

        I had to come early today because my group had a meeting at 8:00.  I handed in my paper on what I did for the past week to my mentor.  I am slowly starting to understand what everyone is presenting now.  Right after my lab group meeting was done, I also had a Project seed meeting.  I didn't have to present today, but I will be presenting on Wednesday.  As I watched everyone present, I tried to memorize some little things so I can make my power point better.  I worked on my power point today for quite some time.  I am almost done with it and will be ready to present.

        I also took out 3 new cobalt coupons and put them in ODPA for 1 hour.  This time, instead of using an acid to rinse, I will be using a base.  So on Monday, I will probably make my base.  After the hour passed, I took the pieces out of the acid.  They were put on a glass plate and into the oven until Monday. 

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