Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 9, Summary

     I basically fixed my presentation the whole time and started to look up some more things to add onto my presentations.  For instance, I learned more about the thermodynamics cycle how the ligand and mutated ligand's free binding energy can be compared to see if it had an impact.  I also learned more about Gibbs free energy equation: Delta G=-RTlnk.  Though I still don't know what it means but I plan on learning more about it tomorrow.  My mentor also revised my abstract twice because of all the errors I made on it so that I would be able to submit to the URP.  As always, I continue to learn more about LaTeX which is always exciting.  I finally got the title right for my beamer so now that the next time I present it,  the presentation will now have color in the title.    Working LaTeX is fun and simple, but using it right is the hard part.  I found out that LaTeX produces multiple kinds of files and that one of them, .aux files, sometimes embedded previous errors which can be a real problem if you don't know how to solve the problem.  Luckily today I learned that you can trash .aux files and make new ones so that you wouldn't have to start over instead.

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