Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1, Summary

     Today when I came in I went straight to my lab group meeting.  We did what we usually did, watch the other students give their presentation on their project while my mentor gives them advice to on how their presentation should be like.  But what made today different was that I was one of the students who had to present their project.  I did a decent job in doing so, but at least I learn a lot on what I should add on to my presentation.  I also learn that I would have to present again at our next meeting to prepare myself for Wednesday, my presentation in front of the other SEED students.  After the meeting and lunch, I met up with Scott and found out that there was another error when running my files.  However, the one that took that messed up the first time worked so that I wouldn't have to wait another 6 hours again for running that file.  Unfortunately the files I'm running now will take a while since there are 94 files to run and each may take about an hour or maybe more.  I basically just worked on adding onto my beamer for next week so that next time it will go more smoothly.

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