Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another Update on my MOF research

Today I added MgCl2, IPA, and C5H5N5 to a 50%-50% EtOH and H2O solution, sonicated it, and placed it in an 80 degree oven. The last vials I placed in the oven retained no precipitate, so they were thrown away. Hopefully this batch will work better, or at least produce more than nothing. I also did the same with CrCl2 (adding it to IPA and C5H5N5 to the 50%-50% solution, sonicating it, and putting it in the oven at 80 degrees) and I hope I will have better things to report the next time I update. Oh, wait, I forgot! There was a little tiny bit of precipitate in one of my 20mL vials, it was hardly solid, so I was told to repeat the experiment in a 30mL vial. That was placed in a 100 degree oven for the next three days. And the 30mL vials I put in the oven yesterday (MgCl2 and CrCl2, my starting products, mixed with C5H5N5, IPA, and 1.4 CDHA, in a 50-50 solution of EtOH and H2O and then the same starting products and additions, but in a 1.1.1 solution of DMF, EtOH, and H2O. Two of the 50-50 vials dried out, so they had to be filtered. They are filtering as I am writing this. I just realized that this is probably confusing, because there is a lot of gaps between information. However, I am not going to write this really long, multi-paragraphed update that no one will read all the way through anyway, so I guess I will have to update more than once every four-five days...

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