Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Amber Latona Abstract

Synthesis and Characterization of Blue Pigments, an Undergraduate Laboratory Module
Latona, Amber; Sinagra III, Charles W.; Aitken, Jennifer A.
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh PA 15282

Blue pigments of the formula YIn1-xMnxO3 were prepared by high-temperature, solid-state synthesis in air. These industrially useful pigments were used as a case study to design a module for the junior/senior level integrated laboratory course normally taken by undergraduate chemistry and biochemistry majors at Duquesne University. Through this laboratory module, students will become familiar with several instruments that are crucial to the study of solid-state materials. X-ray powder diffraction was used to identify the structure of the compounds and to investigate the phase purity of each sample. Scanning electron microscopy was utilized to determine morphology and particle size of the powders. Energy dispersive spectroscopy was used for semi-quantitative elemental analysis of the synthesized materials. The band gap energy was estimated using optical diffuse reflectance UV/Vis/NIR spectroscopic data.

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