Wednesday, July 9, 2014

7/8/14 Kelly Pesta

This morning I looked over my abstract and I continued working on my power point to present next week at our SEED meeting. After that we had a SEED meeting. After lunch I continued extractions. I cleaned off 12 SEM stubs that Leah and I used for our other extractions. I soaked the stubs in HPLC acetone and sonicated them for 40 minutes. The HPLC acetone didn't get the adhesive off very well so I used the squirt bottle of pure acetone onto the stubs and it took the adhesive right off. After that I was going to finish the acetone/water extractioon but our lab ran out of HPLC grade water so instead I did the 100% acetonitrile extraction. I had 3 samples for each sonicating time (20, 25, and 30 minutes). I put 2mL of acetonitrile into the 9 beakers and then added the SEM stubs with the new adhesive and the 7 standards of GSR applied onto the stub. I sonicated them and then I syringe filtered them and then put them into GC vials to then be put into the LC/MS. I plan on running my standards in the LC/MS later this week or the beginning of next week so I can get results and add them to my power point presentation.

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