Wednesday, July 9, 2014

7/8/14 Kaite O'Kelley

Today I started my day off by filtering my product from my first reaction so I could calculate my yield. I had a yield of 70%, my mentors said that was impressive and I am learning very fast. Then I recrystallized the product of my column chromatography. I did this my dissolving my ligand in ethanol and heating it to catalyze the process. When all product was dissolved the flasks were put into the refrigerator overnight. Then I learned, from Dr. Basu, how to clean a column, and weigh my product. After lunch I helped Sara clean up the hoods and the bench. Sara, Dr. Basu, and I did a reaction together but I cannot recall the name of the reagents or product. This is the first step in making a complex that my product will be used in.

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