Tuesday, July 1, 2014

7/1/14 Kelly Pesta

Today was the most productive day so far of SEED. I actually got to start my project today, even though I had to do it by myself, I still had fun starting. I'm not quite sure I did everything right, but I went over the instructions Leah gave me and went over notes from last summer. But what I did this morning was; I got 3 SEM stubs and put aluminum adhesive stickers on them. After I did that I put them inside a small beaker and got the 4 standards of GSR out of the cold room (SBGS, AKII, EC, MC) and put 2 ┬Ál of each standard and put it onto each stub, letting the standard dry for 5 minutes before adding the next standard. One all the standards were put onto the stub it was time for lunch, so I gave the stubs an hour to completely dry. When I came back from lunch I started my extractions. The extraction consisted of 5mL total which was 1/2 HPLC grade water and 1/2 acetone. I added that into each beaker that contained the stub and then I sonicated them for 25 minutes. When they were done sonicating I took them out and prepared to syringe filter. I needed 3 syringes, filter paper, the syringe filter itself, methanol, tweezers, and the samples. When I was starting I rinsed each of the rings inside the syringe filter and added the filter paper inside of it. After that I attached the syringe to the filter, added the sample into the syringe, and out the sample through and into a GC vial. I did the same process for each of the 3 samples. After that I was finished. Tomorrow I plan on going over what I did today with Leah and then run them through the LC/MS and see my results.

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