Wednesday, July 9, 2014

7-9-14 Summary

      Today went really fast for me.  When I came, I went over my power point over and over until it was time for our meeting.  During the SEED meeting, I went 3rd.  I was really nervous that almost everyone knew that I was.  There wasn't that much questions that was asked about my topic but I answered most of them.  The only thing that I had to do was change the words from all caps to regular.  I also have to add more background information to my power point.  In the afternoon, I made the changes to my power point, sent my abstract, and wrote my weekly paper for my mentor.  I also put the cobalt coupons through the IR and wrote down the frequencies.  After that, I made a graph of all of the different things that I did to the cobalt coupons.  I had to combine the graphs of the initial deposition, the rinse in NaOH, and the sonication in NaOH. 

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