Wednesday, July 2, 2014

7-2-14 Summary

        Today, I did a lot.  First, I started to work on my abstract because I have to write my own by next Wednesday. I also started on my power point.  I have to present on Wednesday so I need to hurry and get that done.  It was my time to use the IR for the day, so I took my cobalt coupons out of the oven.  I scanned them through the IR and saw that they both had stable monolayers.  After writing down all of the wavenumbers, I had to graph them.  First, I made 3 different graphs.  The initial deposition, the rinse in hydrochloric acid, and the sonication in THF.  After I made sure all of the graphs had the same measurements, I merged all three of them into one graph.  I then had to label all of the peaks in the graph and have different colors for each phase on there. 

        I also had to write my paper on what I did in the past week for my group meeting tomorrow.  I added my graph to it and everything else that I did. 

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