Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sarine McKenzie- 6/25

Hey everyone! So today, I had a lot of downtime in the morning. But eventually, I got into the lab and I washed the glassware I used yesterday. After lunch, (with the help of my mentor) I began the recrystallization of my dithione. I was surprised at how much dithione was left after we evaporated it yesterday (about one-tenth of the amount we started with). So today's procedure involved my mentor and I dissolving the dithione in ethanol over a hot plate. We had to use the least amount of ethanol possible so that our solution would be very concentrated. Tomorrow, we have a group meeting, and I will begin writing an article about Project SEED. My mentor will not be here, so I will begin interviewing the SEED participants. That's all for today, ciao for now!

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