Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cheyeanne Perez 6/17/15 summary

Today I started one of the longer parts of my protocol in my lab. Over-all it is about some where around 4 hours long. I had to remove my DNA with the point mutation added to it from the PCR machine and transform my DNA. Transforming DNA goes threw steps of centrifuging and incubation as well as heat shocking my samples. This allows my newly mutated DNA to be accepted into the competent cells of our choice. 

Right now I have plated my samples to allow the colonies to grow to have the new DNA in the colonies that will grow for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I plan on removing colonies from each plate to tubes and adding nutrients to them to allow them to grow even further for a mini-prep eventually the next day.

 3 days down:37 left to make memories 

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