Monday, June 22, 2015

Sarine McKenzie- 6/22/15

Hey everybody! So today was probably the most fun I have had in lab since I got here. I actually spent the majority of my day in there setting up and starting my reaction. First, we finished up last week's reaction by filtering out the solid (crystals) which is a part of the "recrystallization" process and rinsing them with toluene. We then left them to dry, and after lunch, we began my second reaction. Before we did that, I created a solution by combining my dione and Chloroform-D. We took that down to the NMR room to test it. Then we took my dione (dry crystal sample) to the IR room, where I learned how to test my sample and view the results. Lastly, we returned to the lab, where I began my second reaction, which will stir overnight. So in conclusion, I had loads of fun today. Tomorrow, we'll most likely continue/finish my second reaction, and we might have time to begin the third. See you then!

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