Monday, June 29, 2015

Cheyeanne Perez 6/29/15 Summary

Hey guysss I know this is really early in the day but I'm gonna be in my lab for the rest of the day working on my abstract.

Today our cells still haven't arrived so we cant grow them yet. We should get them this week and be able to grow them pretty quickly, in about three days actually.

I started my final poster last week and worked on it more today, as well as my poster and paper, but it is only the beginning of the third week so I really don't have that much to write about yet so I cant really do anything. I'm kinda sad about that, but as soon as we get cells ill have something to do. I'm going to talk to a couple people in my lab and ask if they wouldn't mind helping me with my abstract as well as running it by Dr. Cascio when I'm finished in case there's anything he would like me to change.

Tomorrow if our cells come we'll streak them out on plated and get them to grow. If not, I'll just work on my abstract more and make sure its finalized so i can send it in, as well as email Philip Clark about my situation.

11 days over 29 to goooo!!!!

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