Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jisca 6-23-15

        Hi everyone.  Today, I did more than I planned to.  I ran the 1 hour deposition through the IR.  After looking through the spectra, I saw that the peaks were there but were very subtle after the sonication.  This means that the monolayers were not as stable as I thought they were.   I then threw those cobalt coupons away in the trash. 
        Next, I ran my 24 hour deposition that was rinsed through the IR.  The peaks were still in the correct places which is a good thing. Also, the height of the peaks decreased.  I then put these cobalt coupons in THF (tetrahydrofuren) and sonicated them for 15 minutes. They were put in the oven until I can look at them tomorrow. 
        Since my 1 hour deposition failed again, I decided to do it again.  This time, I let the cobalt coupons sit on ice for 30 minutes and heated the ODPA.  This way, when I deposit the cold coupons in the worm solution, the monolayers will immediately stick to the surface.  I did the 1 hour deposition and then put the coupons in the oven.  Hopefully the monolayers stay on this time. 
        Tomorrow, I plan to use the IR to see the results of my peaks for both the 1 hour and 24 hour depositions.  I also want to rinse both of them but for different times.  I will rinse the 1 hour deposition for 15 minutes and the 24 hour deposition for 30 minutes. 

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