Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cheyeanne Perez 6/23/15 Summary

This morning I presented and I really don't like to present. I get stage fright but its gotten better since last summer when I had to present for project seed. Everyone said I did really well, but personally I know where I messed up so I know what I have to practice and learn more about.

Later on today I had to remove my DNA with the point mutation added to it from the PCR machine and transform my DNA. Me and another girl from my lab are on the same part so shes been walking me threw it to make sure I understand.

Earlier we began the first part of the transformation protocol however further down the line we realized we don't have any competent cells to use for the transformation. Soooooo, we have to create more cells and the DNA we created with the new mutation will have to be remade later being we can't finish it today without the cells. 

OOOhhh well, a little set back, but I get to learn how to grow other types of cells now too!!!!

Tomorrow well probably start to grow the new competent cells to get that started right away so we can get right back into making mutations.

Well now 7 days down and 33 days leftttt, whats next!!!

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