Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jisca 6-16-15

        Hi, my name is Nadejda Kodjo but everyone calls me by middle name which is Jisca.  I live in Mckees Rocks and I go to Sto-Rox High School.  I will be a senior the coming school year at Sto-Rox.  I participate in my school's marching band, student council, and leadership program.  I try to do as much as I can to keep myself busy.  That is why when I heard about this program my sophomore year, I had to apply. 
        This summer will be my second time participating in PROJECT SEED.  My first impression when I came last year was definitely different from this years.  Last year, I thought that I would spend all of my time in my lab on my own but that didn't happen.  I had many people in my lab that were very friendly towards me.  Whenever I needed help with something, someone was there to help.  I also became friends with my peers.  I had so much fun last year and I hope it will be the same this year. 
        Last year, I worked with self-assembled monolayers on cobalt.  I did many depositions on cobalt with octadecylphosphonic acid to form the monolayer.  I then used tetrahydrofuren and sodium hydroxide to see if the monolayers were stable.  It was pretty cool to work in a lab with all these chemicals. 
      I am looking forward to continuing further into my project this summer.  I will be using different methods on cobalt to see the stability of the self-assembled monolayers. 

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