Monday, June 22, 2015

Jisca 6-22-15

        Today, I was mostly busy in the afternoon.  After I came back from my lunch break, I started to use the IR. I ran my 1 hour depositions through it to see of the peaks were still present after the rinse in THF.  The peaks were still there which means that the monolayers are stable.  To further test the stability of these monolayers, I sonicated the 1 hour deposition in THF.  After 15 minutes passed, I put the cobalt coupons back into the oven until tomorrow. 
        I then ran my 24 hour deposition through the IR to see if self assembled monolayers formed. The peaks were definitely there but the height of the peaks were bigger than I usually deal with.  I then rinsed these cobalt coupons in THF for 15 minutes.  They were then put in the oven also.  I then went back to the computer connected to the IR so I can note down all the information about the peaks in my notebook. 
        Tomorrow, I plan to check on my 1 hour and 24 hour deposition through the IR to the if there are any changes in the spectra. I will then learn how to conduct a contact angle measurement on the 1 hour deposition and run the 24 hour deposition through the sonicator. 

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