Thursday, June 25, 2015

Blog Challenge 1: Directions

Hello Everyone,

Blog Challenge 1 will be due by Tuesday, June 30th at Lunch.

The challenge is to take a picture of another student in their lab, wearing proper PPE, and doing something related to their project. Try to take pictures from different angles and be creative. The winning picture will be featured in an article about Project SEED in The Crucible and the winner will receive a gift card to the bookstore.

The person you should take a photo of is listed below.

Amadou Diallo - Jeramiah Jones
Jeramiah Jones - Nadejda Kodjo
Nadejda Kodjo - Amber Latona
Amber Latona - Stephen Lau
Stephen Lau - Sarine McKenzie
Sarine McKenzie - Cheyeanne Perez
Cheyeanne Perez - Jordan Pestok
Jordan Pestok - Angel Williamson-Wheat
Angel Williamson-Wheat - Amadou Diallo

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