Friday, June 19, 2015

Jisca 6-19-15

        Hi, today I didn't really have anything to do until the afternoon because everyone else in my lab had to use the IR.  So, I was reading for most of the time in the morning.  After lunch, I ran the cobalt coupons that were in the 1 hour deposition through the IR.  The first one that I put through it had no peaks at all, which meant that the monolayers did not form.  I was disappointed because maybe the other 2 cobalt coupons had the same problem.  After I ran them in the IR, The peaks were there so I documents the wavenumbers of the peaks to see if they were in the right places.  The wavenumbers were around the correct numbers so that meant that the self assembled monolayers formed.  I then took the 2 coupons with the monolayers and rinsed them in tetrahydrofuren for 15 minutes.  This will test the stability of the monolayers .  I also took my 24 hour deposition out of the ODPA (octadecylphosphonic acid) and into the oven. 
        Next week, I plan to run my 1 hour deposition through the IR to see if the monolayers are still there after the rinse.  I will also run my 24 hour deposition to see if the monolayers formed on the cobalt coupons.  See you guys next week! :)

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