Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jisca 6-18-15

        Hi everyone, today was sort of a let down for me.  I came in positive that the monolayers on the cobalt coupons would still be there after the rinse I did yesterday.  After I put the coupons through the IR, the spectrum indicated the peaks that were there before disappeared.  That meant that the self assembled monolayers that were deposited on the cobalt surface were not stable.  I had to through the coupons away because they were no use to me now.  The whole point of my project is to see which time of deposition the monolayers will remain stable. 
        I decided to do another 1 hour deposition in octadecylphosphonic acid to see the outcome of it.  After the 60 minutes went past, I put the coupons into the oven at 100 degrees so they will be ready for me to analyze tomorrow.  I then did another deposition but this one will be for 24 hours.
        Tomorrow, I plan on using the IR to check on my 1 hour deposition to see if the self assembled monolayers formed.  I will also take the cobalt coupons out of the octadecylphosphonic acid for the 24 hour deposition and put them in the oven until the next day. 

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