Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jordan Pestok 6/24/15

Today I tried to reproduce an experiment Dr. Van Stipdonk already did. It involved putting  manganese, iron, cobalt, copper, and nickel, in a beaker with water and letting them sit and mix. I mean put each metal in their own separate beaker not all of them in the same one. I did that on Monday. Today I looked at manganese in the mass spectrometer and reproduced the results pretty well. I did that in the morning.

In the afternoon I am made more of my eight different modified AGG samples. I did that so I had enough to put through the mass spectrometer. I am making a CID profile of each of my modified AGGs and because I do not think I ever put the actual names of modified AGGs on here so, here they are: Benz AGG, 2 ome AGG, 4 OH AGG, 3OH AGG, 3 5 Di AGG, 2 4OH AGG, 24Cl AGG, 4Cl AGG.

So the CID profile is when the parent peak is selected and the normalized collision energy is raised from zero until the parent peak is virtually nonexistent. I have to save the graph each time I raise the normalized collision energy. So I just do that with each of the eight peptides. As of right now I have three done and am working on the fourth so I am almost halfway there.

Tomorrow I will look at the cobalt in the morning with Dr. Van Stipdonk. In the afternoon I will finish creating the CID profiles if I do not get done before today which I do not think I will.

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