Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RJ Lee trip

Todays trip to RJ Lee group was very interesting and informative. We spend time with some of the different groups at the company, including nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and the forensics divisions. their presentations and tours provided a lot of insight into the world of industry, and what kind of life and career that would yield. Probably some of the best advice I heard today was when thinking of a college major try to stay as broad as possible, for instance go for chemistry with a focus in forensics rather than a specialized forensics program. this advice I believe can be applied to just about anything not just forensic science.
But on a separate subject its hard to believe how fast the program is moving along. we are already well into the fourth week but it seems like such a shorter time. My Grad student mentor has been very helpful to me in things like editing my abstract, and pulling IR spectra off the computer so they can be used in a power point. And finally I would just like to say that I finally have an understanding of my topic

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