Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blog Challenge 2

This is my interview of collaborator and fellow SEED studet Chelsea Weidaw.

Q: Hi Chelsea, how're you today?
A: Not bad, you?
Q: If you don't mind I'll be the one asking the questions here. Jeeze. Are you ready?
A: Oh yeah...I guess.
Q: Fantastic. Is SEED everything you expected?
A: Yeah I guess. It's a lot harder than i thought it would be. It's actually just the reading. Originally I didnt'k know what any of the words meant.
Q: I know what you mean. But Google was your messiah right?
A: Messiah...? If you mean did it help, yeah.
Q: Are you excited for the symposium?
A: I don't think excited is a good word to describe it. Anxious maybe.
Q: Anxious about what in particular?
A: Pretty much just the people. I might get some Einstein who knows everything to know about Forensic Analysis. He'd probably tear apart everything I said.
Q: I bet not! And plus you could always just hide under a box. Fool proof plan. Do you actually like what you're doing?
A: Of course! I love all the CSi and all the cop shows so this is really interesting. I know it wont't be anything like the shows but I'm ok with that. I don't think guns suit me anyway.
Q: So is your heart set on forensics for college?
A: I'd say so. Nothing else seems as interesting, at least to me.
Q: So what exactly is your project?
A: I'm analyzing hairs and the products used on them. It's basically using the GC/MS to really look at them.

So there it is, my interview of Chelsea. She has what she wants to do figured out. Which is more than I can say. I'm clueless.

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