Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bayer field trip

Today our group took a tour of the Bayer campus located not far from Duquesne. This was one of the first tastes of industrial chemistry I've ever gotten. RJ Lee group was nice, but I feel like it was more of a small company. That is definitely not the case with Bayer. I first noticed the big feel when we turned onto Bayer road. That's right, they have their own road.
The surprising thing wasn't how big they were, but how friendly the facility was. I'm not just talking about the people, but mostly everything was aesthically pleasing. I find that a very respectable thing about companies, when they care about their employees to tthat extent.
If I haven't stressed just how big Bayer is (which I think I have) prepare for more. Our tour stretched between two buildings, numbered one and eight. That means that there at least eight full sized R&D facilities on the campus, complete with countless machines. At one point we were even at a place where our tour guide had never been. They don't have all of these buildings just for show either. While on our tour we saw the variety of research they took part in, from developing top of the line bowling balls to their explsion proof glass. To say that they specialize in variety is a bit of an understatement.
While there were many enjoyable instances throughout the trip, my favorite was meeting the other two SEED students. They started a little later than us, so they're still acclimating to their environment. From what they could tell us though it is safe to assume our two work places are noticeably different. They have a lot more independence than us, being given a task for the day then left alone to do it. That isn't neccesarily a good or bad thing though, because I'm sure both methods have very fine advantages.
All in all, the Bayer trip was memorable and I won't soon forget it.

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