Friday, July 15, 2011

Blog Challenge #2

Investigating the pKa of Molecules within Protein Complex Cytochrome bc1
Interview with Sonny Smarra
Q:So Sonny how would describe what you've been researching with in the past couple weeks?
A:Confusing. Definitely harder than school, but its still kind of fun. I am a computer jockey. I spend all day staring at numbers on a screen. I make molecules in Gauss View. Then i transfer them over to Linux which then runs molecules through the supercomputer Voyager. It simulates how the molecules react in certain situations.
Q: How would this be important to me in everyday life?
A:It could lead to new anitbiotics and fungicides.
Q:How far are you in your research?
A:I am still getting used to operating systems, so only half way.
Q:What is Cytochrome bc1 and what does it help with?
A:Cytochrome bc1 is a protein, and it plays a vital role in energy storage.
Q:What happens to the body when it shuts down?
A:For humans it causes dieases like cardiomyapothy. But for bacteria and fungus if it were to malfunction it would essentially kill them.

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