Monday, July 18, 2011

Blog Challenge #2

Deja Irvin interviewed by Dwayne Coleman

Q. Hello Deja how are you doing?
A. I am doing great
Q.What is the topic of your project?
A. Simulation of Leucine in Salt Solutions
Q. What practical applications does this have?
A. Leucine is actually in the human body. It is in
the liver, adipose tissue and muscle tissue
Q. How are you conducting your research?
A. We are using programs called VMD and NAMD
on the mac computers. We also use supercomputers
to run our salt boxes and get more info.
Q. Are you enjoying the research that you are doing?
A. Somewhat. I guess. Its a lot of work and its kind of
hard to.
Q. How do you like your professor and mentor Mary?
A. My professor is pretty good and very nice. And Mary?
I love mary she;s an awesome mentor/undergrad.
Q. What are you hoping to accomplish this summer?
A. More about Science to get me through my junior year of high school.

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