Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blog Challenge #2

Interview with Dwayne Coleman

Q:So, how's your day?
A:My day is going great.

Q:What did you work on today?
A: Today I worked on my powerpoint and tested samples using the IR.

Q:Do you like the things you are working on?
A:Yeah, my topic is pretty interesting.

Q:On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like this program?
A: I would definitely dive the program a 9 or a 10 because it is very informative and useful for the future.

Q:If you could, would you do this program again next year?
A: I would say yeah I would participate in the program next year if I could.

Q:Is there anything you would change about the SEED program?
A:No, nothing I can think of.

Q:How's your relationship with your professor, undergrad and/or grad students?
A:Both my professor and grad students are great, very friendly people.

Q:I heard you had a very good powerpoint presentation, were you nervous about that at all?
A:No, I wasn't all that nervous for my powerpoint presentation.

Q:Are you nervous about the symposium?

Q:Does anything your doing in your lab have anything to do with your future job of what you wanna be?
A:It could possibly have something to do with my future career but I'm not sure just yet.

Well thanks for your time, hope all goes well.

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