Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The symposium was a great experience for me, even though only one person I didn't know asked me about my poster. I was very nervous and as the day went on it got worse. I got shaky and started stuttering. My family saw my poster first. They got me through all the stuttering and were pacent with me when I kept messing things up. Next my lab came down one by one. Sara was first, I'm glad. She just quizzed me like before my presentations and helped me remember everything I was too nervous to remember.Then Mr. Larry, to take pictures. Then Dr. Basu came and saw me. He said he was very impressed with everything I've done so far. He asked a few questions too. Then the rest of my lab came and wished me good luck. They were all really supportive and helpful and I'm thankful for that. Only one person I didn't know came and asked me questions and they weren't difficult at all. Overall I have to say that the symposium went well. :) 

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