Tuesday, August 5, 2014

8/4/14 Kelly Pesta

Yesterday was a busy and frustrating day for me. In the morning I went down to the SEM to look at my data from my samples that Leah ran over the weekend, but the program froze on me when I tried to look at my data so I had to wait for Leah to come at 1:30 to restart the program. After she restarted the program I was then able to take down the data from the 3 samples she ran for me (revolver 2, revolver 3, and automatic 1). I wasn't able to put on a new stub yesterday after I got all my data because I ran out of time, so Leah ran one for me last night and she is going to run my last one tonight. I'm going to get the last of my data from the SEM tomorrow morning and make my extractions to run on the LC/MS and then finish my paper and poster by Thursday.

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