Tuesday, August 5, 2014

8/5/14 Kelly Pesta

Today was a fun day. We went on a field trip to the Bayer Corporation and was able to present our posters to them and also take a tour of Bayer and see what they do. When the poster sessions began I was nervous because I knew that there were some pretty important people there, but as the sessions went on I calmed down and I actually enjoyed it more then the symposium. I felt very relaxed and everyone was very friendly. I really enjoyed the tour not only seeing what Bayer does, but also understanding some of the things Bayer did because of my project. We also got some free things from Bayer which was pretty exciting. When we came back I worked on my paper/poster and continued getting data. Tomorrow I plan on getting the last of my data from the SEM, gathering all the stubs, extracting them in the extraction method that had the best percent recovery, then running the samples through the LC/MS by the afternoon, getting results, and finish up my poster/paper by Thursday morning to my poster is finished at the print shop by Friday.

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