Tuesday, August 5, 2014

8/4/14 and 8/5/14 Katie O'Kelley

Yestersday, I worked on my paper and got really frustrated with it. Today, we went to Bayer. I did really well. I got nervous again though. Not as nervous, but nervous all the same. I did good though... I assume. I talked to a lot more people than  at the symposium too so that was good. Not all the people asked about my poster. Some asked me how I liked SEED and working at Duquesne. I also got asked about my future plans such as colleges and majors and that scary stuff. Then when we gto back I worked on my paper and sent it to my mentor. This paper is really frustrating. I never had this kind of frustration before in science. Only those papers you have to write in English class that have to be creative or like poems give me this kind of frustrated feeling. So that's new. I just walked it off and ate a lot of M&M's and listened to music.

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