Friday, June 28, 2013

Blog Challenge #2

The purpose of blog challenge number two was to get action shots of our fellow SEED members working on their projects (below). We were also assigned a partner that we were directed to interview and create a biography on and post it along with our action shots; It can be found underneath the pictures. 

Part 1

 Deion working on one of the Macs in the computer lab
Cheyenne is viewing her crystal nanoparticles in Dr. Aitken's lab
Kelly is adding solution to a beaker
Emily is viewing pictures taken with the SEM
Charlie is picking out buffer solutions from the cold room

Part 2

My partner for this blog challenge is Cheyenne Simmons. She is 16 and a Junior at Sto-Rox High School. She has lived in McKees Rocks her whole life and became interested in science in the 7th grade. Her main influence was her teacher, Mr. Howells. He taught Earth Science and she found this to be extremely interesting. So interesting, in fact, that she wishes to study Earth Science in college. She is undecided as of right now as to where she wants to attend but she has a few ideas in mind. 
In the Project SEED program, working with her mentor Jacilynn Brant, she is currently constructing crystal nanoparticles. She is observing nanocrystalline under the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and using EDS, or Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy, to take pictures of and acquire the elements inside of the crystals. In the future, she will be observing individual crystal particles with the SEM. 

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