Monday, June 24, 2013

Blog Challenge #1

Ever since i was little I've always have been interested in science. I've become more interested in earth science after 7th grade when my teacher made it fun. I've always like to watch the lightening during thunder storms. I know i'm crazy for sitting outside during a thunderstorm but i cant help but to go when it calls me. I really like that field because its amusing to me.

Some colleges/universities that offer the field  i want to work in is, Cal U with Earth and Space Science Education. The requirements it makes is you need a high school transcript, you have to have a letter of recommendation, and you also have to have official SAT and ACT scores. The Programs that they offer there are not so much in what I'm doing but what in other fields that like nursing and sports.

Another college/university that offers the field i wish to work in is, IUP with Earth and Space Science a Program there will let me work in the field with a wide variety of teacher that will push me to succeed in my field. The requirements that they have are you must have at least a 2.6 GPA out of 4.0.

The last college/university that offers the field i want to work in is, Columbus State University also with the Earth and Space Science. They really don't offer programs that involve my field of work. But there requirements are having a high school diploma, SAT scores of 440 critical reading- 410 math or ACT scored of 17 reading- 17 math.

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