Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Blog Challenge #5 part 2

for the second part of the blog we had to interview someone, i interviewed Steve Wisneski an ungrad in my lab. 1.why did you chose Duquesne? one of four undergard schools, it was close to home. interested in prusing edication program and Duquesne provided both. 2. what is your research on? dimond like materials, interested in physical properties. (band gap, thermo properties, seconf hernionic gen.)physico chemical. 3.how long have you been at duquesne? starting 5th year, have been here for 4 fall and 4 spring, got batilers degree in chemistry. 4. what made you choose science? in high school it was the only class i looked forward to going to. faviorte was chemistry. 5. what was you faviorte thing you learned in your undergrad? most faviorte class was single crystalogrraine corse with Dr.Aitken in inorganic lab, opened up doors to solid state reachtions. helped understanding crystals more.

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