Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blog Challenge 5

Part 1:
On July 26th at Duquesne University, Duquesne  held their 16th annual URP (Undergraduate Research Program) Symposium for undergraduate students who have been doing research during the summer.  Gratefully the Project SEED students were involved in this wonderful experience to put their own poster or power point slides, among the many other undergraduate students, on a board for other students, friends, and family to see what amazing work they have completed during the summer.
The students who were involved in the Symposium were to attend presentations that were given by undergraduate students to hear about what they have done during their summer research. In my words I enjoyed hearing the students talk and hearing about their project and comparing it to what I have been working on. I also enjoyed it because without the experience I have had as a high school student having the opportunity to spend my summer at Duquesne, I partially understood what the students were saying and what they were doing, with the help of my project, and compared it to the other high school students who have not had the opportunity to spend their summer doing research who would probably have no idea what they were talking about.
Once the presentations were over the students could spend time with their supportive family during a lunch that was prepared.  The poster sessions were followed after lunch, where half of the students involved went first and the other half went second, depending on the number of their poster. The student then stood by their poster while others came by to appreciate the outstanding work the student had done and answer any questions the visitor might have.
My experience of the Symposium was great. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute of it and with my family coming in from Ohio just to see the work I have done made my day even better. I enjoyed being able to answer the questions people asked about my project and being able to inform them on the research that I have done and the dedication I have to my project.  Working so hard on perfecting my project and my slides paid off and I believe I did a great job. I also had the opportunity to walk around and see the other students poster and see what project they have been working on.  I also got to see some of my fellow Project SEED members posters and slides on their project that they have been working on.

Part 2:
Three potential people that I would be interested in interviewing are:
     1. Ben Cooley (5th year forensic and law student)
     2. Dr. Ludvico
     3. Dr. Fochtman
Questions that I will be asking during my interview are:
     1. How did you end up here at Duquesne?
     2. What are you doing now?
     3. What made you decide to do what you're doing now?
     4. After you're done with the 5 year program, what do you plan on doing?
     5. Is grad school worth it (staying for a 5th year)?

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