Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blog Challenge #5

 Part 1
On Friday July, 26 Duquesne held its 16th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. This is a day were all undergraduates and Project SEED students get a chance to present their work that they did over the summer to friends, family, and students. The day started off with a continental breakfast, which was really nice. Then everyone moved to the auditorium for the welcome and keynote address, which was given by Dr. Karl Johnson. He talked about using Carbon Nano- tubes as a filter to clean arsenic filled water in third world countries. Next, some of the undergraduates gave 15 minute presentations about their projects. One of the presenters was my co- mentor Andrew Adams and his presentation was great. To hear him talk about everything that we did over the course of this year and last year was amazing to me. Another presenter was Kelly’s mentor . I thought she did a fantastic job. The last presenter talked about pain receptors in the brain, which was very interesting. Then there was a picnic lunch, which was very nice. I did not have to present the first hour, so I got to walk around and look at other undergraduates’ projects, but that time was shortly lived. The only people that talked to me about my project were my sisters, Andrew, Dr. Partha Basu, and James Claybourne. I mainly talked to James because he used to work in the same lab as me, so he had many questions to ask about the project so far. I also talked to him about his senior thesis because he is going to be running the same experiments that we ran. All in all I thought the symposium was great, especially compared to the one last year. I just wish I had the chance to talk to more people about my project.

  1. Did you participate in any internships in high school?
  2. What made you choose your career?
  3. What made you choose Duquesne over any other college
  4. What made you interested in science?
  5. Was there ever a time when you thought about changing your career?
  6. How is college?

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